You to stay and dine to the Land of French Taste

Mahe is a small town , geographically located in the South Western region of the Indian peninsula, on the cost of Arabian Sea. With the advent of the French colonists to the town in 1721, for building warehouses, it began developing a distinct identity of its own. This sparsely populated hamlet was then dotted with hillocks and was under the governance of the local ruler, Vatakara Vazhunnavar . The region came to be known as Mahe or Mayyazhi only when at came under the rule of the French. Mahe became independent in 1954, as a culmination of popular struggle for freedom.

Today the Mahe comes under the jurisdiction of the Union Territory of Pondicherry . pondicherry occupies a unique postion among the states of Indian Union. It is Multi – lingual and has its for constituent parts located in three states.